Cover Block

Most of the time people use stones and concrete pieces to raise the steel bars during the time of concreting which is not at all recommended. This will reduce the strength of concrete. In addition to this, using stones with different shapes will cause un-even slanting to the concrete surface and in turn shifts to one side to create voids. Kalliyath brings an end to this with Kalliyath Cover Blocks with zero void design. Kalliyath Cover Blocks prevents chances of creating voids and thus increases the strength and durability of concrete surface.

Kalliyath presents… Cover blocks with Zero Void design

What is Zero Void design?

The sophisticated design created by experts after scrutinizing several possibilities to strongly hold the steel bars keeping them still at a point with the desired height without slipping away is known as Zero Void Design.


Since Kalliyath Cover Blocks with Zero Void Design keeps the steel bars strongly on its proper place, the full strength of the reinforced concrete can be achieved. The Cover Blocks can be used for concreting steel bars with 8mm to 25 mm size range. If required, it can also accommodate steel bars with 20 mm to 50 mm sizes. Cover Blocks are made up of top quality materials which have proven compression strength and water absorption properties. As these cover blocks hold the steel bars efficiently, the concreting can be done on equal height and measures which in turn reduces material used and thus reduces cost at the same time maintains better strength and durability.

Key Features

  • Strengthens concrete
  • Provides enough space between concrete and the steel bars
  • Protects the steel bars from rust
  • Eliminates the possibility of void formation inside the concrete


Building's foundation footing, beams, pillars, roof slab, lofts, sunshade etc.

How to Use?

The arrangements can be done as 20 mm for roof slab, 40 mm for pillars and beams, 20 mm for lintel and 50 mm for foundation. For added strength, arrange Kalliyath Cover Blocks in every 2 feet.

Use Kalliyath Cover Blocks....Construct stronger buildings....