Kalliyath Steel FAB

TMT rebars are integral to every construction project. During construction, TMT rebars and concrete complement each other in a way that Reinforced Cement Concrete (RCC) structure can be moulded into any desired shape, with the rebars providing the requisite tensile strength to withstand the load. The practice of cutting and bending them at the site to meet individual requirements can be labor intensive and time-consuming, resulting in enormous material wastage.

Recognizing the need for a customized solution, Kalliyath introduced Steel Fab- ready-to-use cut and bend rebars, a totally new generation product for the first time in India with advanced technology which was totally unheard in the industry. Almost every structure comes with its own unique requirements of design while Kalliyath Steel Fab is manufactured according to the standard specifications.

At its cut and bend mill, that employs the latest Italian technology, rebars are customized to lengths and bends at required angles, in order to meet the project requirements. This fast and efficient service is capable of managing inventories better by reducing material wastage and production costs, apart from ensuring aesthetically superior clean and strong bars, which are made available right at the site. Steel Fab became a total and effective remedy to the entire obstacle in the industry like shortage of manual bar-benders, raw material theft from worksites, shortage of workspace, especially in public infrastructure projects and brought about a drastic revolution.

Following are the features of Kalliyath Steel FAB.

Lower Production Cost

The cost of processing decreases considerably due to lower inventories, reduced wastage and saving in labour cost.

Zero Wastage

Customer pays for the theoretical blueprint weight only and saves on waste, processing or freight.

Elimination of Storage

The material is ordered and supplied as per need and is made available to the construction site for assembling.

Greater Response Capacity & Delivery Flexibility

The pace of construction can be manipulated according to needs by simply programming delivery dates with Kalliyath rebar processing plants. This can also decrease construction time of Reinforced Concrete Structures.

Types of Steel Fabs