5 Reasons Why Smart Contractors Prefer Kalliyath TMT

The role of a contractor is extremely important in the execution of a project. A contractor is like an army captain executing orders and ensuring the success of an operation. This job comes with a lot of challenges. Manpower issues, logistics, supply of raw materials among others can hamper a project. But a smart contractor always finds a solution to any problem that he might encounter.

We spoke to a few expert contractors who had proved their mettle by successfully completing turn-key projects of various sizes. They shared reasons why choosing Kalliyath TMT bars were crucial for their success. We narrowed down them in five:

1. Legacy

Majority of these contractors have had a long relationship with Kalliyath Group, even before TMT bars were introduced in Kerala. They have been associating with Kalliyath for decades and appreciated the fact the core values of the company remained intact throughout the Group’s 90-year long journey. A journey of organic and strategic growth from a retailer to becoming a manufacturer of high quality iron & steel products. Winning India 5000 Best MSME Award 2020 is proof of Kalliyath Group’s dedication to quality and service, said one of the interviewees.

2. Trust

Adding on to the legacy factor was trust. The contractors expressed confidence in the Kalliyath promise - high quality products and timely delivery. Some of them shared instances where Kalliyath Group’s ability to meet orders within time helped them complete big-ticket projects. This legacy of trust translated to the ready acceptance of Kalliyath TMT bars when it was newly launched in the market. For many, the branding was enough to choose this product over others. And their trust was vindicated by hundreds of happy customers.

3. Quality

The trust factor did not happen overnight, said one of the interviewees. He added that it was the result of strict and consistent adherence to quality. Kalliyath was the first company to manufacture TMT bars in Kerala. BIS and ISI certifications are testament to the fact that Kalliyath TMT is made following the highest quality standards, he said. Others also vouched for the Kalliyath TMT quality based on customer feedback and demands made by engineers and architects. By providing products at true pricing, Kalliyath TMT not only delivers best quality rebars but also genuine savings compared to other manufacturers.

4. Logistics

Timely delivery of raw materials is a very important factor in the construction industry. And according to these contractors, Kalliyath always delivers, no matter what. Kalliyath’s stellar service owes to the availability of stocks, a well-oiled logistics infrastructure and a strong dealer network across Kerala. Contractors said this efficiency has saved them a lot of time and money, and also helped to complete work within deadline.

5. Demand

Last but not the least is demand. All the contractors that we spoke to said that KalliyathTMT is on high demand. Engineers, architects, clients and even workers prefer Kaliyath TMT, they said. Engineers like it for its durability, flexibility and anti-corrosive properties. Architects like its flexibility as it helps in realising their vision. Kalliyath TMT pre-fab products help workers to finish their jobs easily. And contractors love it because it saves them time, overall costs and as a result the good name of building strong and durable structures.

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