With four well-equipped manufacturing units spread across eight acres, Kalliyath is the only brand in Kerala that produces 6mm original TMT Steel bars and also the only brand in India to produce Fe 500 graded 6mm bars with ISI certification. At Kalliyath, each TMT Steel bar is made from the PLC controlled Continuous Linear Rolling Mill in adherence with the International quality standards and norms to ensure quality consistency

From ever-increasing infrastructure requirements to landmark constructions to individual homes, there is an exponential demand for reinforced bars in every segment of the industry. The reason why the infrastructure market is now replete with manufacturers, mostly small scale, and TMT Steel bars made without following the necessary BIS instructions. To solve this mounting problem, Kalliyath has always been instrumental in making people understand what a real TMT Steel bar is.

The Process



Selection of raw materials is the most important factor that determines the quality of a TMT bar. At Kalliyath, steel is produced using high-quality raw materials. These are supplied by world-class suppliers of billets from virgin iron billets, like Vizag, SAIL, etc and Inhouse casters with well-equipped R&D to formulate its uniquely composed Raw materials for catering distinguished market needs.

Received Raw steel billets primarily goes through an Initial physical check for its casting defects and rolling ability.

We at Kalliyath equipped with south India’s first German Engineered OES(Bruker Elemental Q4 Tasman)which can identify traces of 40+ elements with an accuracy of 5ppm including gaseous elements such as Nitrogen & Oxygen, plays a vital role in billet chemistry and hence TMT performance.

Once the sourced material passed its Stringent quality control procedures, we will transfer them to billet stockyard with adequate identification and later its being sized and weighed according to production plan to ensure its superior geometry and legal compliances.

The raw materials Kalliyath uses have three main advantages

Reheating Furnace/Charging

These uniquely selected billets are charged to a fully automated oil fire reheating pusher type furnace which can deliver 30MT/Hr uniquely heated billets through convection of heat. Billets are ejected by automated ejection mechanism in synchronisation with rolling speed.

Temperature of
billet should be

1150 ℃ – 1250 ℃


PLC controlled Continuous
Linear Rolling Mill

Billets starts its journey to destiny with temperature ranging from 1150 ℃-1250 ℃ and undergoes its preliminary and its highest ever % reduction (50%) in its route to ensure maximum reduction at its peak available billet heat. An online billet temperature monitoring system at Roughing stage monitors input billet temperature and compares its output with a set of predefined conditions, billets with optimum heat are guided to calculated pass designs with application of defined stress.

The reduction from 110mm square Billet to its smaller 6 to 32mm diameter happens at a fully automated PLC controlled Linear rolling mill at 30Mps in 23 passes untouched by hand whereas a conventional rolling mill employs unskilled labour to transfer charged billets through each pass. By eliminating human intervention, we achieved an unmatched processing speed of 20sec/billet. This lower billet to TMT conversion attributes every rebar with uniform sectional weights through out its length and superior rib structure.



Bars leaves PLC controlled linear rolling mill at a temperature of 950 ℃ to 1050 ℃ enters Patented German Engineered Thermex -QST system where bar undergoes rapid cooling resulting in hardening of steel by inducing a martensite transformation, where its inner core remains hot, and austenitic. A microprocessor controls the water flow to the quench box, to manage the temperature difference through the cross-section of the bars. Bar leaves Thermex with at a temperature of almost 500 ℃ and sheared by high-speed sophisticated continuous shear machine, the bars then guided to fully automated cooling bed for self-tempering phase of process, where each and every bars positioned for atmospheric cooling on predefined slots that one will not get in contact with other. Finally, the slow cooling after quenching automatically tempers the austenitic core to ferrite and pearlite on the cooling bed. These bars therefore exhibit a variation in microstructure in their cross section, having strong, tough, tempered martensite in the surface layer of the bar, an intermediate layer of martensite and bainite, and a refined, tough and ductile ferrite and pearlite core. The distinguished positioning of bars makes it free from bend and other physical deformations.


Sizing & Bundling

At sizing 60-meter length bars surpassed vigorous quality checks and examination will be sheared to any custom length as per requirement. Here we employees sophisticated Oscam Shear line from Italy to ensure superior quality bend free ends. Sized bars are then colour coded as per standards and bundled together carried away by Crains to dedicated storage places.



An on-line quality management system comprises of experienced quality analysis wing filled with team of qualified engineers and NABL accredited testing facility located with production unit will ensure every single meter produced for its conformity towards international standards. Apart from mandatory Bureau of Indian Standard IS1786:2008certification, rebars manufactured from our location comply with British Standard BS 4449:2005, A3:2013.

Our Testing Facility Is Equipped With;

• Bruker Tasman optical Emission Spectrometer which can detect traces of 40+ elements including gaseous elements.
• Servo Controlled 1000Kn Universal testing Machine for Mechanical Inspections of rebars.

Our Quality Management System Ensures

• Homogenous Charging of Carbon Steel Billets.
• Billet rolling temperatures &Quenching parameters.
• Surface Characteristics of Rolled bars.
• Tensile properties as per product grade.
• Bend & re-bend properties.
• Batch wise test summary via QR code.
• Pre-dispatch Inspections.

Kalliyath TMT Bars Outweighs its competitors with its,

• Uncompromised Yield Strength
• Optimum rib area for excellent bonding strength
• Super ductility
• Unrivalled elongation
• Superior Grain structure
• Uniform per meter weights
• Low corrosion penetration rates
• Stringent chemical composition

Our legacy combines with quality technology and expertise helps us to deliver products beyond expectations.


The Tradition of Strength and Flexibility

We’ve made history. Right from being the first TMT bar manufacturer in the state, to the first to bring in automation and several other innovations that set new benchmarks for the industry. For us at Kalliyath it was always about a passion. The passion to create the very best.

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