Kalliyath Export Division

Kalliyath Export Division began with servicing overseas customers who have experienced the good quality of our products and services and were particular on using the same in their projects overseas. This practice of upholding the highest ethical standards in the way we conduct our businesses has immensely benefitted us in enabling a strong bond with our customers to whom we are indebted for their loyalty and growth in our overseas business.

What started as a service support to our existing clientele grew to an independent export division within the group. However, this export business being direct end customer oriented is gradually exceeding service requirements and now will have to be serviced with distribution channel partner network located in each of these countries to maintain the existing quality of our service standards.

The process of identifying, assessing and appointing suitable potential channel partners has begun and this appointment will further enhance the buyer experience of our esteemed customers.

Kalliyath TMT is a pioneer in revolutionizing the iron and steel industry in India, introducing some of the most innovative and path breaking infrastructural products to the industry. Promoter of highly reputed brands like Kalliyath TMT bars, Kalliyath Wires, Kalliyath Structural Fabrications and STEELFAB. Kalliyath TMT has always been the face of fair trade and practices in the industry. We always focus on value-added offerings for our customers, backed by strong compliance of global norms within the sectors in which we operate.

Our Products

Kalliyath TMT

With four well-equipped manufacturing units spread across eight acres, Kalliyath is the only brand in Kerala that produces 6mm original TMT Steel bars and also the only brand in India to produce Fe 500 graded 6mm bars with ISI certification. At Kalliyath, each TMT Steel bar is made from the PLC controlled Continuous Linear Rolling Mill in adherence with the International quality standards and norms to ensure quality consistency.

Kalliyath TMT Bar
CARBON 0.30 (Max) 0.25 (Max)
MANGANESE Not mentioned 0.55-0.80
SULPHUR 0.055 (Max) 0.045 (Max)
PHOSPHORUS 0 055 (Max) 0.050 (Max)
SULPHUR & PHOSPHORUS 0.105 (Max) 0.095 (Max)
CARBON EQUIVALENT 0.42 (Max) 0.38 (Max)
MICRO ALLOYS OPTIONAL 0.30 (Max) 0.30 (Max)
Test Type Normal Size (φ) Mandrel Dia for Fe500 Mandrel Dia for Fe500D
Bend Test Upto and including 20mm
Bend Test Above 20mm
Re - bend Test Upto and including 10mm
Re - bend Test Above 10mm
Grade of Concrete Grade of steel Qty. in Kg Saving in wt. Over normal 415
15 Normal 415 112 --
15 Kalliyath Fe500 102 13
15 Kalliyath 550D 95 17.15
Size mm Specific Weight
BIS Standard
Kalliyath Standard
6 0.222 0.206-0.238 0.215-0.222
8 0.395 0.367 - 0.423 0.375 - 0.395
10 0.617 0.574 - 0.660 0.580 - 0.600
12 0.888 0.844 - 0.932 0.850 - 0.890
16 1.580 1.499 - 1.656 1.510 - 1.560
20 2.470 2.394 - 2.540 2.400 - 2.480
25 3.850 3.738 - 3.969 3.750 - 3.850
28 4.830 4.685 - 4.981 4.690 - 4.970
32 6.313 6.121 - 6.499 6.121 - 6.400

MS Billets

  • Billets made from iron ore
  • Homogeneous billets
  • 110mm x 110mm billets
  • Best in class chemical composition and nominal carbon equivalent
  • Burker Gmbh Q4 Tasman Optical Emission spectrometer for constituent analysis including nitrogen.
  • Optimum manganese content for hardenability
Constituent IS 2830 C25H Mn Kalliyath Standards
Carbon (%max) 0.30% 0.15-0.22%
Phosphorous (%max) 0.060% 0.040%(max)
Sulphur (%max) 0.060% 0.040%(max)
Sulphur + Phosphorous (%max) 0.11% 0.075%(max)
Manganese 1.80% 0.060-0.85%

Kalliyath Structural Fabrication Pvt. Ltd.

Kalliyath TMT Bar

Kalliyath Structural Fabrication Pvt. Ltd. is the most recent and ambitious venture from Kalliyath Group, that has gained the distinction of operating the biggest manufacturing facility for LPG cylindershells. Located at the SIDCO Industrial Park, Kochi, Kerala, its one-of-its-kind production facility with continuous line production feature and their state-of-the-art infrastructure makes this manufacturing facility the most advanced in South Asia.

The plant has an installed production capacity up to 5000 cylinders per month and is expected to commence operations in August 2021.The manufacturing facility and the products that roll out of the facility are certified for its high quality standards far exceeding the requirements and expectations of our principal corporate customers.

Our existing customers form a good blend of reputed large public sector oil companies and private sector oil companies. Indian Oil Corporation, Bharat Petroleum and Hindustan Petroleum are our customers from the public sector.

Kalliyath Wires

Kalliyath TMT is the first to introduce high quality branded ISI certified binding wire revolutionizing the segment, which until then was considered a low quality unorganized segment within the industry

Backed by its superior product quality, good packaging and availability through their extensive channel network, Kalliyath Binding Wires earned the reputation of being the pioneer in branded binding wire business segment in India.

Kalliyath TMT Bar

Contact Information

34/1884, Kalliyath Building, Mamangalam,
Kochi - 682025, Kerala, India
Tel: 91-484 2344343, 2348556, 2347530
Fax: +91-484 2349227

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