The 6-Metre TMT Revolution

History has been made! It's a new chapter in the annals of the Indian steel industry. Kalliyath, India's most trusted Thermo mechanically Treated (TMT) bar producer, has created yet another milestone by rolling out India's first ever 6-metre TMT bars. This is indeed a pinnacle moment in revolutionizing the construction industry.

What’s special about the Kalliyath 6-metre TMT bar?

TMT bar is an important construction material for any kind of structure, be it building dams, bridge, reservoir, low rise building, high rise building, commercial or domestic constructions. Embedded in concrete to resist the structure load, the Kalliyath TMT bar provides stellar strength to the structure. Kalliyath bar’s uniform rib pattern helps in quality bonding with reinforced concrete cement. With combined features of higher strength and better ductility for safer construction, the 6-metre TMT bar is ought to revolutionize the industry.

Characterised by the best Tensile Strength / Yield Strength ratio in this class, Kalliyath bars can absorb more pressure when stressed beyond yielding points without any catastrophic failures caused due to sudden occurrences such as earthquake /landslide etc.

A begetter and a forerunner in technological advancements in the industry, Kalliyath forayed into the scene way back in 1929, with the blessing of the visionary leader Kalliyath Abdul Khader Haji. Kalliyath became the first TMT bar manufacturer of the state, in 2008, marking a new landmark in Kerala’s Iron and Steel industry. It was also the first to bring in automation and several other innovations that set new benchmarks for the industry. Today, Kalliyath is the leading manufacturer and distributor of innovative, export-quality steel products.

Here are some other stand-out advantages of the Kalliyath 6-metre TMT bar that can make a world of difference to the construction industry after the induction of this outstanding product.

Easy Transportation

Reduced transportation cost is the key advantage of 6-metre TMT bars. They are comparatively lighter in weight and flexible, making it easy and hassle-free to assemble and transport. This also reduces the overall expenses involved in transferring them to site, inadvertently helping the customer themselves. Further, our strong logistic support ensures that these products are delivered within the promised time-frame.


A 6-metre TMT bar means masons needn’t have to cut the bar; saving construction time and effort. It can be easily handled, when compared to other bars. Furthermore, These bars don't require pre or post-welding treatment, which makes them easier for construction purposes. Construction designers and architects can create innovative, stronger buildings, without compromising on the quality of the structures and strength of the TMT bars.

No wastage

The normal, long unladed TMT bars need to be cut into desired size. But the 6-metre TMT bar is easy to carry and doesn't need to be cut down. This reduces or negates the chances of wastage.

Easy storagee

Considering its length, the space required to store these bars is less, when compared to other bars. Storage becomes easier and it reduces the warehousing cost by a huge margin.

Easy weldability

Kalliyath TMT bars offer great weldability, great strength, healthier elongation, and ductility properties, plus its shorter length adds more value to the bar. These bars make them a viable choice for hassle-free construction work.


Shorter size, less wastage, reduced labour means less steel is needed for the same amount of construction when compared to ordinary steel bars. All of these reduce the total needed to be spent on steel. Moreover, the bars come with lower and uniform sectional weight resulting in further saving.

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