9 Mantras to Save Construction Costs

9 Mantras to Save Construction Costs

A house is one big dream you may have been carrying in your heart. Yet you may have a complete blank slate to begin with. For some, the process could be really enjoyable, but for others, it can be a herculean task.

Building a custom home, where you can transform the space into anything you like, be it the flooring, paint colours, or light fixtures, it becomes a tightrope walk.

So, where do you start if you want to build a value-added and affordable home? We've compiled a few basic tips to ease the process of building your dream home, affordably.

1. Communicate, communicate, and communicate!

Meaningful communication with the engineer is the first thing you need to do to get more out of your budget. They can provide all kinds of helpful advice, and their expertise will make construction easier and faster.

2. Do not make impulsive decisions

Don’t be brash! Take your time while making major decisions like choosing a contractor, even if they were recommended by a friend. Make sure you get several different bids before narrowing down to one. Make the list of the contractors you feel are most comfortable to work with; someone with good work ethics and has a passion for the profession. Take references from their clients and choose an efficient team who can meet the deadlines of the project.

3. Opt for a space-efficient home

The best way to save money is always choosing a space-efficient home, be it big or small one. One design that could work for you is the open floor plan, which enables you to use spaces in multiple ways. For instance, with an open floor plan, you have less walls, doors, windows, wiring, plumbing and hallways, reducing the cost of building your house significantly. Bigger house also means you pay bigger on power bills, and pay more on every front. Slightly smaller rooms could save on construction costs on the front end but reduce your cost of living on the back end.

4. DIY (Do-it-yourself)

Do-it-yourself, and you save big! However, make sure you are well informed about what you have to do and have some assistance if needed. There are many things you can do on your own, even if you are not well informed, such as installing sinks, doors, or even taking a brush and painting, if you have a flair for it.

5. Compare prices of building materials

You could save a lot by comparing prices of raw materials from various people and sourcing it locally. In some cases contractors can offer a better price, since they order in bulk. But it's always better to enquire about the price in your circles, and more importantly, be aware of the best prices available on the market and the quality of the materials before ordering it.

6. Spend where it is needed

It is important to make your priorities clear. Having an aesthetically pleasing home is fun, but far more money needs to be spent on making the house more durable and safe. Although it may be more expensive, opt for better quality material. It will actually save you money in the long-run.

7. Reuse materials

Many materials can be recovered cheaply from junkyards. Even apparently useless metal scraps and pieces of furniture can be used to build something exceptional. Materials composed of one substance, say steel, concrete, wood, etc, or that are readily disassembled into individual materials, are usually easiest to reuse or recycle.

8. Choosing a Standard Design

There might be many trendy and popular styles such as the industrial design style and rustic style, but go for a house design that is not complex, because it would definitely save more in design time, materials and labour. Most engineers would have dozens of plans that they have built time and time again. Many errors have been sorted out in these designs, which inadvertently make the construction go smoothly, saving you time and money.

9. Avoid last minute changes

Last minute changes in design or materials can cost big on your budget. Remember, such changes can lead to mistakes, particularly if there are many workers involved and the information is not communicated to the right people. It may also delay the construction process.

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