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Made History.
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We’ve made history. Right from being the first TMT bar manufacturer in the state, to the first to bring in automation and several other innovations that set new benchmarks for the industry. For us at Kalliyath it was always about a passion. The passion to create the very best. And we have carried this passion all through our distinctive journey about to touch a hundred years. Indeed, we’ve partnered with many a stakeholder who shared this same passion with us. We would like this passion to spread across to every player in this industry, to every architect, engineer, contractor, mason and to every home maker. Only then, we believe, our nation shall stand tall and strong for centuries to come. Let this vision mark our 90th year - this vision of making future, as we have made history. For this, we are joining hands with one and all in this industry, marching towards our glorious 100 years. With solid plans for progress each year, starting today, let us together reach out to our goals, build stronger homes, longer bridges and taller high-rises. Together let’s make future better.

Kalliyath Group

For nearly a century now, Kalliyath has remained a towering presence in the construction and infrastructural sector. Synonymous with success and business ethics, Kalliyath continues to inspire trust and confidence amongst stakeholders and customers alike. All through these 90 years, the company has been constantly reinventing itself. It ventured into new businesses, rejuvenated existing ones and came out with trendsetting products. Kalliyath has crossed many a milestone - Kerala’s first TMT Steel bar manufacturers, first to get BIS certification, manufacturer of India’s first cut & bent steel bars, came out with ISI certified binding wires along with a host of other innovations. In the process it expanded the South Indian market of Steel bars and TMT bars. Kalliyath was founded in 1929 by the visionary leader Kalliyath Abdul Khader Haji. The momentous journey started off, trading in clothes and hardware. In 1940, Khalid Haji and Muhammad Haji, sons of Kalliyath Abdul Khader Haji, started Kalliyath Hardware at Tirur. Noor Muhammed Noorsha, son of Kalliyath Khalid Haji, joined Kalliyath’s steel business in 1970. Aiming at a bigger market, he moved to Kochi in 1986. There Kalliyath grew in stature, becoming a wholesaler in a short time. In 2000, Noor Muhammed Noorsha along with his brother KM Abdul Gafoor started steel bar manufacturing units in Palakkad. For the first time in Kerala, in 2008, Kalliyath started production of TMT steel bars - a significant landmark in Kerala’s Iron and Steel industry. Today, Kalliyath is at the forefront of leading the industry to greater heights by introducing innovative steel products and revolutionary manufacturing process. Entering its centenary phase, Kalliyath has charted out its objectives and aims for the coming decade. Stepping up the current annual production of 2 lakhs metric tonnes, is one. Raising the market share from 15% to 40%, and spreading all across India, is another. Plans are afoot to manufacture best quality anti corrosive steel. On the social development front, Kalliyath would continue its schemes offering support to the financially backward students, including scholarships, school kits, Smart classrooms, etc. Through its business incubation process, Kalliyath would keep on encouraging and supporting young entrepreneurs in their ambitious startups and projects.



To be recognized as the benchmark for steel in the construction and building industry.


Committed to provide excellence in our steel solutions. Our dedicated approach delivers exceptional quality, predictable outcomes, continuous growth, opportunities, and mutually beneficial relationships.

Core Management

At the heart of every successful project of Kalliyath Group, we can find an effective core team that is fully responsible. Both the directors are highly experienced and responsible for effective functioning of the day-to-day activities, sales and marketing as well as future expansions.

Noor Mohammed Noorsha Kalliyath

Noor Muhammed Noorsha Kalliyath

Chairman, Kalliyath Group

Noor Mohammed Noorsha Kalliyath

Dirsha Kalliyath Muhammed

Director, Kalliyath Group

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