EXPLAINED! Why TMT Bar Quality Matters

The true strength of construction is determined by the kind of materials that are used for it. When it comes to strength, it is necessary to keep the foundation as strong as possible. A well-built foundation with the right TMT bars and concrete is what keeps a building safe during natural disasters. With more high-rise structures touching the sky, having robust and durable TMT steel bars has become even more crucial. The primary function of a steel bar is to provide support and sustain the weight of the entire structure. A solid TMT bar helps to keep a structure standing sturdy while natural forces wreak havoc. It is vital to understand the importance of TMT steel bars for construction and to use quality products to ensure that your building stays strong for years to come.

Why TMT Steel bars are used in construction

Steel is what gives a concrete construction its initial form and size. However, in its natural form, it is not very durable for construction purposes. The steel is subjected to thermo-mechanical treatment, which serves to improve its qualities by hot rolling, quenching, and air cooling it to achieve a soft and strong core with a hard and durable outer cover. The thermo-mechanical treatment improves the quality of the steel, making it stronger and more long-lasting.

Benefits of using TMT steel bars

  • • TMT bars provide outstanding weldability, working ability, ductility, and elongation.
  • • TMT bars are frequently used in the construction sector for their incredible flexibility.
  • • The use of TMT bars for construction is very much cost-effective and also helps to accelerate the construction process.
  • • They can be used in locations that are prone to natural disasters like cyclones and earthquakes as they are highly flexible.
  • • Due to their flexibility, it does not crack or bend easily under pressure.
  • • TMT steel bars are compact, especially 6-metre bars that are easy to store and transport.
  • • TMT bars are a sustainable choice as they can be recycled and used again without compromising on their quality.
  • • TMT bars are weatherproof. This quality of TMT bars helps to reduce the rate of corrosion caused by concrete and other factors like air and moisture.
  • • TMT bars help to reduce the risk of damage caused by natural disasters such as earthquakes and fires.

Why Kalliyath is the best option

Kalliyath TMT is one of the pioneers of steel manufacturers in Kerala and also the first to bring automation to the steel industry in the State. Kalliyath is the only brand in the state that produces 6mm original TMT Steel bars and also produces Fe 500 and FE 550D graded TMT bars with ISI certification. Kalliyath has always stood at the forefront of driving the steel industry to great heights by incorporating revolutionary production techniques and technology. In terms of corrosion resistance, earthquake resistance, strength, toughness, workability, and bendability, kalliyath bars are truly unrivalled. They not only supply the highest quality items, but they also provide their products at the most reasonable and sensible prices. When considering buying TMT steel bars, it is imperative to ensure that there is a right balance of durability and flexibility. Kalliyath TMT bars are the best choice as they believe in delivering exceptional quality products that are used not for building structures, but also for fulfilling yours as well as nation’s construction dreams.

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