Group Companies

Gasha Steels Pvt. Ltd.

The first manufacturer of high quality 6mm TMT Steel with ISI standards in South India, Gasha Steels Pvt. Ltd. commenced production in 2001. The company manufactures fine quality iron and steel infrastructural products by employing top of the line technology. With a massive production facility at Kanjikode in Palakkad, Gasha Steels has an installed production capacity of 500 MT and owns a considerably large market share. The company’s major production includes Kalliyath steel TMT bars.


Thieh Pvt. Ltd.

Thieh Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO certified company that manufactures supreme quality M S Billets using state-ofthe-art Induction Furnace Technology. Commissioned in 2008, Thieh billets’ production facility at Kanjikode, Palakkad has an installed Capacity of 100 MT per day. A major part of the company’s raw material requirements are met through imports from Central Europe, USA and Middle East. Thieh billets follows the most stringent quality policies to ensure that its billets are perfect and defect-free. Quality regulation starts at sourcing for the company. The company’s plants are amply equipped with sophisticated quality control labs and instruments for analyzing the chemical and physical composition of raw materials and finished billets. Being closely monitored at every stage by highly qualified Metallurgists and a team of experienced technical support personnel, all products manufactured at Thieh billets adhere to IS 2830:1992 certification. A key product from Thieh billets is C20MMn, which is used to manufacture superior Fe500 grade TMT bars.

Kalliyath Developers Pvt. Ltd.

Kalliyath Developers Pvt. Ltd. fabricates revolutionary cut and bend manufacturing reinforcement steel for the infrastructure industry. A first-of-its-kind project in the state of Kerala, Kalliyath Developers Pvt. Ltd. fabricates TMT Bars in preferred shapes and sizes with a cutting-edge fully automatic advanced reinforcement technology developed by Oscam SpA, Torino, Italy. The company supplies TMT Bars in all sizes varying from 6mm to 60mm thereby eliminating concerns like space issues at the work site, waste management, perfection in finish and timely sourcing of fully bend bars. Equipped to deliver as per architectural drawings, customization is easily possible at Kalliyath Developers Pvt. Ltd. With an installed capacity of 18,000 MT, Kalliyath Developers Pvt. Ltd. undertakes major production for the group’s pioneering brand STEELFAB.



Kairali Structural Fabrication Pvt. Ltd. is the latest ambitious venture from Kalliyath Group. The venture operates the biggest plant for manufacturing LPG cylinders at SIDCO Industrial Park, Angamaly. The only one-of-its-kind production facility with continuous production, this manufacturing plant has state-of-the-art infrastructure. The plant has an installed production capacity up to 5000 cylinders per month and is expected to commence operations in August.

Kalliyath wires

Kalliyath TMT is the first to introduce branded binding wire as a high-quality alternative to the rest of the low-quality binding wires. Owing to its superior quality, good packaging, and its availability through an extensive network, Kalliyath Binding Wires got the ISI Certification and thereby became the first branded binding wire in India to get that accolade.


Kalliyath Tyre Distribution Division

Kalliyath Group has been the Authorized Distributor of Goodyear Tyres in Kerala and Karnataka for the past 10 years. With a focus on tyres for car and truck segments, Kalliyath Group distributes the best-in-class products from Goodyear Tyres, one of the largest tyre manufacturers in the world. As a distribution partner, Kalliyath Group is proud to bring the quality, innovation and expertise of Goodyear Tyres to its customers.

Westleys Restocafe

Be it delightful tastes, invigorating aromas or a good ambience, you love it because you enjoy the natural goodness in itself. And, we’re sure that you will never miss this natural goodness at Westleys Restocafé. From fresh food ingredients to biodegradable tableware, you’ll find a bit of nature in everything you experience here. Featuring an eclectic menu including delicacies from the global cuisine, we bring the world’s best tastes to your table. An ardent admirer of Artisanal Food, Westleys Restocafé adopts traditional culinary methods to retain the authentic and natural tastes of the food we serve. By sourcing maximum possible fresh, natural and safe food materials, and following healthy food practices from farm to fork, Westleys Restocafé ensures better dining experiences that make you feel really good.


WE4EARTH - Organic Farms

With the view of preserving the environment through agriculture, We4Earth has set in motion numerous activities and services. This includes a series of procedures performed on farm, in connection with commercial production, processing, packaging, movement and marketing of farm grown products; operation and maintenance of agricultural equipment and machinery and constant updation of ourselves with the latest technological developments happening in the agricultural sector. Always endeavouring to maintain the highest standards, We4Earth strives to cater the purest products derived from nature thereby protecting and promoting an organic way of living.

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