Kalliyath Bags GreenPro Certification

Renowned steel bar manufacturer Kalliyath has bagged yet another national recognition, this time in the form of GreenPro Ecolabel certification. Kalliyath became the first TMT brand in Kerala, and one among the few steel companies in India to get this prestigious recognition.

Awarded by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), this authorization is a testament to Kalliyath’s manufacturing ethics and sustainable production methods. In addition to the product sustainability, Green Pro assigns credits to the environment friendly manufacturing processes thus recognising Kalliyath as a sustainable TMT manufacturer. Kalliyath rebar manufacturing unit along with all grades, from Fe 500D, Fe 550D etc have been covered under the certification.

Drisha Mohammed Kalliyath, Executive Director, Kalliyath said: “Sustainability is at the heart of the Kalliyath group and the GreenPro Certification for Kalliyath is a testament to this. As a group, we are committed to provide green product choices to the customers in the construction sector and promote green buildings that will help to build a climate resilient and low carbon society.”

Single-handedly shaping the future of TMT steel bar production in Kerala, Kalliyath TMT has achieved historic benchmarks in the structural steel industry by achieving Green Pro certification, after acquiring British Standard certification lately for export quality excellence. Kalliyath TMT bars not only have the perfect balance of strength and ductility, but are also better for the environment offering 100% recyclability and life cycle cost.

Kalliyath has always been the front runner in the industry to demonstrate its commitment to sustainable products. Kalliyath TMT bars are manufactured through High Yield Quenched and Self Tempered (HYQST) technology. Established in 1929, the Kalliyath Group is renowned for its commitment to excellence in the steel industry and fair trade economies in the field. Kalliyath TMT has also been at the forefront of taking the steel industry to greater heights by introducing revolutionary manufacturing processes and innovative steel products like 6 metre bars.

“Kalliyath is a coming-of-age solution that promotes product sustainability by reducing the overall environmental impact of the structure over its life cycle, '' said Drisha Mohammed Kalliyath. We believe that Certifications like these while disclosing the environmentally friendly footprint of our products will enable our customers to make smart and informed choices for their critical building and construction products,” added.

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