TMT Bars - Thermal and earthquake resistance specialist for your building

TMT Bars - Thermal and earthquake resistance specialist for your building

Natural disasters are one of the major challenges for any kind of building. With various kinds of natural disasters taking over the globe, one of the most common disasters that occur in India is earthquakes. There have been many instances, in which structural collapses have taken place due to extreme seismic activities. To overcome such death-defying challenges, reinforced steel such as TMT bars should be used during the construction process. Thermomechanically treated or TMT steel bars is an evolution that is constantly used across various construction sectors. So what makes TMT steel bars stand apart and act as a thermal and earthquake resistance specialist in the field of construction?

Earthquake-resistant composition

The answer lies inside the high tensile strength and ductility, that is provided during its thermo mechanically treated process. Due to its ductile properties, TMT bars are resistant to any kind of seismic forces. During the manufacturing process, the TMT bars possess a strong external martensite surface and a soft ferrite core.

So during seismic activity, the soft ferrite core of TMT steel bar absorbs the action of mild tiltings caused and the exterior martensite surface brings it back to its original position. Last but not the least, the extreme ductile properties ensure any kind of inelastic strains is strongly accommodated during any kind of tremor activity.

Another crucial factor of TMT bars is its rib formation design. The combined strength of steel and concrete retain structural integrity and absorbs the maximum energy caused by any kind of seismic activity.

Thermal resistance properties

With state-of-the-art technology being adopted in the construction industry, TMT bars have helped in improving the structural integrity and lifespan of the building structures.

TMT bars go through a unique manufacturing process, in which the hot steel bars are passed through three stages which include, self-tempering, annealing and quenching. This signature procedure results in the formation of reinforced steel bars creating a hard layer that makes it indestructible during the cataclysmic events like earthquakes. TMT bars are characterized by its BIS grades, such as Fe-415, Fe-500, Fe-550 and Fe-600. Each of these grades comes with their own limitations and strength. The Fe-415, Fe-500 and Fe-550 are widely used in small scale buildings, whereas the Fe-600 is used in huge structures.

TMT bars are thermal resistant, and it can withstand extreme heat temperatures. The TMT bars also possess weldability and formability qualities, making it one of the most indispensable components in the construction industry.

The Fe-500 TMT bars will be the best choice for your building construction that can withstand both seismic and dynamic load of the structure during any kind of tremor. With high tensile strength and ductility, Kalliyath offers the finest TMT bars that will meet your construction requirements.

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