Top 5 Construction Tips You Need To Follow During The Monsoon Season

Top 5 Construction Tips You Need To Follow During The Monsoon Season

It is that time of the year when the clouds are dark and the earth celebrates with the first spell of rain that gives birth to the subtle muddy fragrance. The monsoon has arrived in India, one of the much-awaited seasons in our country and also one of the most important seasons for our economy, especially for the farmers who patiently wait for the first spell, as they get ready to yield maximum from their produce. But it will be a tough game for builders, construction companies and homeowners as the monsoon can affect construction projects that are lined up for the year. So here are 5 construction tips you need to follow during the monsoon season to make your construction projects as hassle-free as possible.

1. Always plan ahead

Preparation and planning are the two main key factors for a successful construction project, especially during the monsoon season. It is certainly important to prepare all supplies and equipment well in advance, as it will ensure a smooth, efficient and steady workflow of your project. Always have an extra plan, so everyone in the project will know what to do in case of heavy downpour and make sure to constantly update your project members about the latest developments in the weather forecast.

2. Protect your equipment and project site

Consistent rain is one of the most inconvenient things for your construction project and it can cause heavy damage to your project site as well as your construction equipment. An inexpensive and effective way to safeguard your equipment and your project site is to make use of waterproof tarps. Make sure you choose high-quality tarps as it will be a good cover for your construction equipment.

3. Use suitable equipment for monsoon

When it comes to construction during the monsoon, you can always find certain types of materials that are suitable for the rainy season and certain types don’t go well in the rain. Always keep an eye and make sure the equipment you are using can withstand the rain in case it gets wet.

4. Practice caution while your team is working with concrete

The key to perfect building is to get the foundation installed strong and steady. But during the monsoon, you can’t take risks of water settling down in the foundation of your building. Make sure you prevent rainwater gathering at the bottom of the foundation as it will weaken the foundation of the building and its overall strength. Always advise your team to let it dry out before they begin to pour concrete.

5. Safety should always be your priority

We saved one of the most important aspects for last, always prioritize safety first. One thing you should always remember is to make the safety of your workers the most important part of any construction site and this becomes more important during the monsoon season. Wind and rain can be hazardous at the construction site, especially when accumulated sand or dirt mixes with rainwater and creates a slippier. Make sure, your team is well prepared for the rain and weaning slip-resistant shoes.

Construction services are possible even during the monsoon. However, one should always be prepared. It takes a well-experienced team and with the right set of tools and equipment, to successfully facilitate your dream projects even when the weather goes bad. Take for instance, Kalliyath TMT bars is the only brand in India that produces Fe500 grade steel bars and with its state of the art quality process it can withstand any weather.

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