Why is flexibility one of the most important factors of TMT steel bars?

When it comes to the construction industry, no material can replace TMT (Thermo Mechanically Treated) bars. You should always choose the highest quality TMT bars if it is for your dream home or if you want to construct a commercial building. TMT bars have the strength and durability to hold the concrete together and form a perfect structure for your building. So what makes it stand apart from the rest of the construction materials? There are several aspects to consider when it comes to the quality of a TMT bar. This includes properties such as elongation, corrosion resistance, that are part of a high-grade quality TMT bar, but flexibility is considered to be one of the most significant properties.

How do TMT bars get their flexibility?

Every high-grade TMT bar involves thermal processing that includes compression and rolling, which is done through water quenching and heat treatment. The heating and cooling process is a continuous process that occurs at various temperatures. The quenching treatment is carried out through various procedures. Some of the most established brands like Kalliyath use a computerized quenching process and when a TMT bar comes into contact with the cold water during the quenching process, the outer surface of the TMT bar becomes harder (martensite) and the inner core becomes softer (austenitic). This method gives a TMT bar its signature flexibility property. This procedure helps a TMT bar to gain high tensile strength and makes it moldable according to everyone’s construction needs.

How does flexibility in a TMT bar help in the construction of buildings?

TMT bars have to be constantly resized, shaped and bent according to the requirements. It is also one of the most difficult processes that take place during the construction and this is where flexibility comes into play. The high-grade TMT bars are flexible in nature and it makes them ready to use for any kind construction purpose, this ultimately cuts down the unnecessary man-power. The modern construction requires various bending procedures and every TMT bar has been designed to bear various painstaking procedures. With the property of flexibility in TMT bars, the cost effect to complete a project gets reduced instantly and it also takes less time to finish a project.

So what makes flexibility stand apart from other qualities?

The concept of flexibility in a TMT bar not only acts as an advantage during the construction, but this signature quality helps the building take the extra load and absorb external force successfully during natural disasters. With flexibility, the TMT bars also gain an extra elongation property. TMT bars with Fe-500 grade have remained as one of the most preferred choices among the builders and architects, because of its flexibility and elongation properties. As per the Indian standards, the Fe-500 grade TMT bars have ultimate flexibility and it is also one of the ideal TMT bars used for the construction.Fe-500 grade bars have tensile strength of 565N/mm2 and come with the optimum combination of Phosphorus, Carbon and Sulphur.

So next time when you choose a TMT bar for your construction, make sure you choose Kalliyath TMT steel bar. Every TMT bar that comes out from the house of Kalliyath goes through strict quality control, and it is certified under the International quality standards.

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